On March 7, BTS made a guest appearance on ‘Idol Party’ where MC Kim Jun Ho asked, “What does BTS mean?”

Member j-hope replied and said, “I already explained it many times when we first debuted. It imparts a rather deep meaning with the concept of protecting music from all the oppression and division flying toward us, like 10-20 bullets.”

MC Kim Shin Young made a follow up question, “Who gave the name of the group.?The boys replied, “Our CEO.” She then went on, “What’s your first impression when you first heard that name?” Jimin commented, “The name will probably change?” causing the audience to laugh.

After hearing this, MC Leeteuk butted jumped in,saying, “I know that feeling. I also didn’t like the name ‘Super Junior.’ Eunhyuk and I had a different name in mind. Our team was called ‘Prince’ and our fanclub, ‘Princess.'”