It was reported on March 8 that the Gangnam district office had collected a total of 3.84 Billion KRW ($3.3 million USD) last year in donations.

Having aimed of raising 3.6 Billion KRW ($3.1 million), however, they surpassed it and this is the highest amount of donations ever received from Gangnam’s 25 administrative divisions since 2004.

The Gangnam district office also revealed that a day care center collected donations of 1,000 KRW ($1) and 2,000 KRW ($2) and donated a total of 700,000 KRW ($605). While collections from local residents amounted to 33 million KRW ($28,000).

The received donations didn’t just come from regular citizens but also from some idol groups that were revealed to have donated. Idol groups such as VIXX, Seventeen, and Cross Gene also donated 10 tons of rice to low-income families.