GOT7 member Mark opened up his nervousness everytime he speaks English on the March 15 episode of MBC Every1’s ‘Weekly Idol.’

The MC’s talked about GOT7 winning an award at the 2016 MTV EMA’s. They shared how Mark had a hard time pronouncing “Best Worldwide Act.”

Even if Mark was born in Los Angeles, MC Jung Hyung Don threw shade about Mark’s English and said, “You are an American but your pronunciation isn’t that really good. What happened?” creating his fellow members burst into laughter.

Then Jung Hyung Don asked? “Isn’t your title song ‘Never Ever’? What does it mean?”

Jackson then responded and said, “To never do something.” The MC also added, “What about Ever?” Mark responded quietly, “Never.” Hearing this, Jung Hyung Don bolted, “Then it should be ‘Never Never’ instead? Never Forever?”

From the comments he heard, Mark kept a distance pretending not to hear his comment.