On March 8, Kang Ye Won discussed about Han Chae Ah’s dating news during the airing of ‘Song Eun Yi, Kim Sook’s Unnie’s Radio’.

There are rumors recently, that Han Chae Ah is dating Cha Se Jji – the brother of pro soccer player Cha Doo Ri. In response to this issue, her label denied the rumors and said that they’re just friends.

However, during the press conference for the upcoming film ‘Part-Time Spy’ on March 8, Han Chae Ah shared that she and Cha Se Jji are actually dating.

On that same day, Han Chae Ah and ‘Part-Time Spy’ co-star Kang Ye Won guested on the radio show and during the conversation, Kang Ye Won revealed, “I actually knew about Han Chae Ah’s dating news. It’s been a while. She doesn’t hide things, and she’s very open when it comes to love.”