Hani mentioned about the deadline her mother gave her to succeed.

She appeared as a guest on the 5th’s episode of ‘Flower Road’, where she said, “I’m proud that I’ve become a daughter whom my parents can be proud of. My real name is Hee Yeon, but my dad calls me ‘Hani’ if we go to restaurants because he wants to boast about me. Before, even when I am out, no one recognizes me that I am a celebrity, and I felt sorry because I was working but without any results.”

She also revealed, “Honestly, my parents were really against me to become a singer. My mom gave me a limit of up to 3 years only and I promised that if I won’t be a able to succeed within the 3-year period ,then I would stop. But we saw that my career is succeeding before the 3 year period was up. My mom said, ‘I admit it; I was wrong’. I got chills then. I was so joyful and I want my mother to acknowledge me the most.”