On the March 15 episode of JTBC’s ‘Give Me a Meal’ which featured actress Lee Se Young with Lee Kyung Kyu having a hearty meal, while the other opposing team Kang Ho Dong and Hyunwoo were placed out in the cold.

The episode was set in Bulgwang District near Seoul, the members tried to camp at three different residences but unfortunately failed. The cold and rainy weather adds to their difficult situation. Guest Lee Se Young roamed around the village introducing herself, “Hello my name is Lee Se Young and I’m an actress,” but got turned down.

Kang Ho Dong then added, “You look and act just like Kim Hee Sun,” and after that, he gave her the nickname ‘little Kim Hee Sun.’ In the meantime, Lee Se Young and Lee Kyung Kyu were favorably enough to be admitted into a home and was invited for a warm meal. Luckily, the two then munched on marinated crabs, kimchi, a mackerel dish, and much more.

However, Kang Ho Dong’s team didn’t end up just as lucky. Feeling castoff, the two men crouched vulnerably on the sidewalk as Kang Ho Dong said, “I feel so helpless and I can’t walk to the convenience store anymore.”

At around 9:15 PM, Kang Ho Dong and Hyunwoo filled their starving tummies with cup noodles at a nearby convenience store together with with a group of high school students.