Singer Lee Hyori recently raised her insights regarding animal rights.

Singer Lee Hyori who is well known to be a passionate animal lover and often volunteering at various animal shelters, Lee Hyori voiced out her opinion to Democratic Party representative Pyo Chang Won’s Instagram post regarding animal protection laws on March 8.

Pyo Chang Won’s post read, “After a long, heated discussions consolidating submissions made by others, with regards to animal abuse and degrees of punishment, we are conceptualizing into changing the way license permits are being issued within the animal production industry.”
Upon reading this, singer Lee Hyori quickly commented “Mr. Pyo Chang Won, I am aware that animal protection laws are still a strenuous and sensitive topic in this country but please do your best. I will be rooting for you.”

The politician also responded to the singer saying, “Thank you. I am also cheering for you always. Please stay strong.”

We are in hope of better animal protection law in Korea.