Former Wonder Girls’ member Lim opened up the real story behind working at JYP Entertainment

On March 16, she was one of the featured guests on ‘Taxi’, where she discussed about auditioning for labels. She said, “I lived in Hong Kong for 14 years. Then I came to Korea when I was in my third year of junior high after being accepted into JYP Entertainment.”

She also added, “I adore BoA sunbaenim ever since I was in my young age and I originally wanted to go to SM Entertainment. However, I was very young back then and still don’t know how to properly submit my documents. In my application there was an error and I could’n’t push through then I was about to apply again the next day and luckily , JYP Entertainment had an audition in Hong Kong that day. So I grabbed the chance of going to the audition and I got accepted. I don’t have any regrets.”