Controversial former ‘School Rapper’ contestant Jang Yong Joon will be seen by public viewers again .

He already signed a contract with Prima Music Group, made by hit producer Prime Boy. It’s home to talented rappers such as Jay Moon, X.Q, Quaimo, and more. He’ll be working under the stage name NO:EL, and has released an audition clip for ‘Show Me the Money 6’.

Regarding his previous controversies, Jang Yong Joon took to his Instagram after news of his ‘SMTM6’ audition broke out, and stated, “I am annoyed and embarrassed with myself for all the things I shouldn’t have done when I was a teenager and I think of it as a past I can’t erase… But, nonetheless, I have a definite passion and trust in my music, and I didn’t want to grow doing nothing, so even though I’m somewhat hesitant and afraid to, I’ve decided to show my face in front of the public again.”

He also cited that he and his father have been living separately for a long time, and to “please refrain from involving my father in my affairs.”