Recently, photos of Sulli showing her on a date with a mysterious man on Valentine’s Day broke out, online community began spreading word and assuming that the man was non other than Block B’s Zico.

It was reported that on March 16, Zico’s label Seven Seasons spent all evening on answering media calls regarding Sulli’s photos. Seven Seasons told news outlets on March 17, “That man is not Zico. His fashion statement is very far off than Zico. Most importantly, he’s wearing a short-sleeved shirt, but there are no tattoos visible. It seems that netizens have false guesses just by looking at the man’s physique.”

The label also added that Zico “felt [the rumors] were absurd”. Sulli, who just recently broke up with Dynamic Duo’s Choiza, has also been wrapped up in dating rumors with G-Dragon.