TAHITI’s Jisoo is taking a temporary hiatus due to her failing health condition

From a representative of JLine Entertainment revealed on March 15, “Presently, Jisoo is under treatment in the hospital. She has a poor health condition and was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder. Jisoo needs to take a rest for sometime. It looks like she might probably be resting from all her promotions for TAHITI, as well as for acting. It was also decided that she will not be participating in the movie that was previously discussed”.

Well as for TAHITI, the rep stated, “TAHITI’s plans for promotions now need to be adjusted following Jisoo’s break. Originally, it was scheduled for them to have a comeback in June but definitely it will be changed. However, the concerts scheduled at Japan in April will push through even without Jisoo.”

Jisoo debuted in the girl group TAHITI in 2012 and gained great attention for the sponsor controversy.