On March 15, veteran singer Yang Hee Eun guested on ‘Radio Star’ and admitted that she’s not good at remembering idol’s faces.

MC Kim Gook Jin asked, “Yang Hee Eun suffers from facial recognition disorder and cannot recognize a junior who possibly greeted her for the 11th times?”

Upon hearing this, Yang Hee Eun commented, “I still don’t remember who that person is.” She also added, “The only super idol star I remember is Dongwan.”

Then Kim Gu Ra said, “That friend will be turning 40 soon,” and then added, “Do you happen to know Junjin?”

The singer answered, “I do. Isn’t he the one who performs together with his father (Charlie Park)?” And with that, Yang Hee Eun mentioned she knew Eric out of the Shinhwa members but not Minwoo, making everyone laugh.