It was reported previously that YG Entertainment has plans to debut a new boy group this year, which will be fronted by former ‘K-Pop Star 2’ contestant Bang Ye Dam. Netizens has more about on their speculations that some contenders might come from YG trainees, in fact naming a few names.

Contender #1 is trainee Kim Joon Gyu, born in 2000. It’s said that he has a history as a child actor, and may be in charge of sub-vocals + dance.

Contender #2 is Choi Rae Sung, who appeared on ‘K-Pop Star 1′. He is widely known among YG fan communities as a musical genius Papa YG himself cherishes deeply. Also born in 2000, fans say he’s learning producing from Teddy himself.

Contender #3 is Choi Hyun Suk, born in 1999. Word among fans is, he’s the best rapper among current YG trainees.
And of course, there’s Bang Ye Dam, born in 2002, mostly likely in charge of the main vocal of the group.

Meanwhile, previous reports also claimed that the new boy group will be composed of members from ages between 15-17, aiming for a July debut. Netizens’ made comments like, “Yeah, we’ll see you in 2 years~”, “Black Pink was also like this and then they didn’t debut for the last 3 years”, “YG: We’ll see if they’ll be debuting like this! Please anticipate them! (Never debuts). SM: ?Nothing’s confirmed; (Debuts)”, “And these boys will film a survival show 2 years later…”, and more.