Akdong Musician

Collaborating together for a special project “Tree”, the two sibling Akdong Musician and veteran singer Yang Hee Eun went out to visit Sogang University in ‘Spot Interview’ recently .

“Wow, good to see my school again ..I first came to this school in 1968…” began Yang Hee Eun, as she roamed around the campus where she had graduated from, Sogang University.

The three greeted students as they walked around the facility. “Have you ever think of going back to your studies?” asked Yang Hee Eun to Suhyun. “Yes”. Her brother then replied, “Yes, we do have goals of enrolling to college.”

Yang Hee Eun also added, “You guys having a lot more experience right now working with fellow musicians.” Chanhyuk agreed, “Yes, experience is very important.”

“It is correct and no one can take it away from you. It’s yours to cherish,” said the veteran singer, reminiscing back on her youthful days.