During the March 23 episode of tvN’s “Taxi,” Actor Jang Hyuk revealed the hilarious reason why his wife does not watch his dramas.

He jokingly said, “My wife does not want to watch my dramas. She rather sleeps.”
He recalled the time when he won the Grand Prize in 2010 for his acting in KBS’s “Slave Hunters.” He said regretfully, “I had won my first Grand Prize, but when I got back home with my trophy, everyone was already asleep. She later told me that she watched me receiving the award on TV, but she was very tired since she’s raising three kids.”

Regarding his own action scenes without a stunt, Jang Hyuk proved himself to be a caring dad once again as he answered like this, “It’s good for me as an actor, but I think my family would be a bit upset.”