On KBS 2TV’s ‘Hello Counselor’ broadcast on March 27, girl group Girl’s Day made a guest appearance after a year and 8 months of break.

During the show, each of the members brought about their charming points and Sojin commented, “Since I have pearly white teeth, I have a pretty smile. I am also proud of having thick hair.”

Yura mentioned, “I have fair skin. I feel confident going out without wearing any makeup.” Minah then added, “My eyes having no double eyelids which is popular nowadays,” all giving their honest answers.

While Hyeri exclaimed, “Being the youngest is my charm! I never change,” making everyone laugh.

Netizens commented, “Time flies so fast and when you are in your 20s missy, just wait and see,” “Of course women are aware that age is a critical aspect when it comes to appearance,” “I thought Yura was the youngest.”