On SBS’ Law of the Jungle with BTS Jin and Gong Myung, an actor, they were attacked by mosquitoes.

As the whole cast and staff of the show sleeps, they were attacked by those bloody thirsty insects giving out red marks after sucking blood. When they all woke up, the captain, Kim Byung Man whined saying that there are too many bugs. After saying this, Gong Myung replied saying the mosquitoes has to live too.

As the mosquitoes continue to strike them, Jin, too, checked his face if it is swollen. And it is! He asked, “Is it really possible to get a mosquito bite on lips?” After questioning, he answered, “I guess even mosquitoes can not resist the charm of my lips.”

After the mosquitoes, Jin was again attacked by another form of nature.

Cheng Xiao of Cosmic Girls was determined to give the boys a quick scare by knocking a grasshopper in Jin’s face. Replying to this action, Jin shouted and screamed. Seeing Jin like this, Chen Xiao laughed non-stop still following Jin around with the hopper in her hands.