2PM member Taecyeon chatted with co-stars Kim Yun Jin and Jo Jae Yoon with regards to their latest horror film, ‘House of the Disappeared’ via Naver’s ‘V Live’.

Taecyeon shared what’s on the house he had filmed in, “It was a house actually built around the 1930-40s. Since it was an old house, the structure wasn’t fit for me .It was hard to film because of the height of the ceiling are short and also the lack of leg room.”

Taecyeon then referenced one time, “One time, there was a scene when I had to walk out the door. But I happened to bang my head so hard that I every was alarmed everyone was alarmed.”

Under the direction of Lim Dae Woong, ‘House of the Disappeared’ illustrates the tale of a housewife Mi Hee (Kim Yunjin) who experiences the tragic death of her husband and the sudden disappearance of her son. However, when she returned to the house after being imprisoned for 25 years things turned unexpectedly awry.

The horror movie will premiere in theaters on April 5.