Actor Gong Myung brought out his skills in being able to pull out mixing casual and formal for ‘High Cut’!

As he mix casualty and formality, he shows some of his skin showing off his physical features, perfect for a model.

After the photo session, he sat down with the crew and attended an interview, talking about his brother in NCT, Doyoung, We Got Married, 5urprise and more.

He first talked about his marriage with Jung Hye Sung on-screen and how he is enjoying it thanks to We Got Married. He said, “I think the various environment and feeling that I experience in the show will be a big help when I act in a romantic drama or movie.”

After himself, he talked about his little brother. He said, “My brother’s existence is a real support to us. I watched him as he debut and I also monitored him.”

After his brother’s group, he then talked about his saying, “The hyungs always come into my mind whenever I simply eat or lie in bed.”

Check out some of his cut here!