“All the soldiers stationed at the DMZ were very young. I had a guilt feeling” stated actor Lee Min Ho as he talked about his experience setting foot in the Korean Demilitarized Zone while filming MBC documentary ‘The Wild.’

Lee Min Ho was present in a press conference for MBC documentary ‘The Wild’ in Seoul on March 29. The actor had the time to narrate MBC’s special project, documenting the natural scenery inside the DMZ territory.

There are two reasons why he decided to embark on this project and explained why : one being his interest in documentary films, and two being the DMZ itself. Lee Min Ho expressed how nervous he was as soon as he set his foot at the site.

With his experience as he worked as both the presenter and staff at times, the actor mentioned how he stayed at the DMZ for a duration of 2 nights and 3 days. With regards to his own upcoming enlistment, Lee Min Ho commented, “Like any other actor leaving for the military, I am sad to be parting with everyone; however, it will take only a short while. I would like to work on as many projects as I can before entering the military.”

Moreover, director Kim Jung Min stated how Lee Min Ho decided to take part in the project for free, proving his passion in creating the documentary.

MBC documentary special ‘The Wild’ is set to air on April 3.