BigHit Entertainment stated that they will really take legal actions if ever they encounter someone spreading malicious issues/rumours about their boys, BTS.

The entertainment tweeted,

This is Big Hit Entertainment.
On November 2016, our label announced that we would be taking strong legal action against those who were spreading malicious rumors, falsehoods, and attacks on character online and were hurting the BTS members’ and our label’s character. We are now letting you know how the status of the lawsuit has progressed until now.
Our label’s law firm has carefully categorized 240,000 evidence and proof that have been sent to our label. We complied a list of various offenders who can be punished under the current law on defamation involving the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information.
We will be requesting an official investigation to the police through our law firm on the people who have written malicious rumors, falsehoods, and attacks on character and hurt BTS severely online. We will also take every legal action possible based on the police investigation, and make sure they are punished without any settlements.
We are letting you know that Big Hit Entertainment will be taking strict legal measures and will not be staying silence against some netizens’ actions of continuousm malivious critificism and attacks on character on our label artists’ creation, music promotions, and private lives.
Thank you.