Know the latest rumours now-a-days? Well, if not, know this: BTS Jimin and Red Velvet Seulgi are said to be a couple.

According to the shippers of these two, they showed signs of dating at a ceremony that has taken its place at the last days of 2016.

Netizens claimed that Seulgi waved to say hi to Jimin and Jiminn waved back but unfortunately, Seulgi looked away. They said, Jimin kept his hands up for Seulgi to notice but then, Seulgi never looked back to Jimin. They then noticed how Jimin whispered something to Jin and Jin looked at Seulgi for a while, as they say. After looking, the shippers noticed how Jin patted Jimin as if he was cheering Jimin.

Others then added to the “evidence” saying that the two are in a relationship because of their matching accessories like hats, rings, beanies, etc.

Some other netizens then denied this saying, “Does it mean they are dating if they wave at each other?”, “Does it mean I’m dating Jimin by wearing a shirt like his?”, “Why do you ship them?” and more.

So, what are your thoughts about this? Do you ship them, too? Or not?