KBS2TV’s ‘Happy Together 3’ is celebrating its 15th anniversary and welcomed EXID member Hani on the show where she revealed her first crush.

During the broadcast on March 30, the idol star confessed, ” Back when I was in my 4th grade in elementary school I had a crush who was on a triathlete. I was hit by a soccer ball he had kicked. And when he saw the scar across my face, he said he would take responsibility,” talking about her first encounter with her crush.

Hani commented and said”We still keep in contact. He is non other than our nation’s triathlete and Asian Games medalist Heo Min Ho.”

The MCs then made a follow up question, asking her, “Does he still say he’ll take responsibility? [scar from soccer ball kick to face]” and Hani answered, “We haven’t had a deep conversation like that yet.”