Girl’s Day members appeared on the March 29 airing of ‘Taxi’.
During the show, the members shed tears while they share things about their road to success and families.

Sojin revealed, “I had my training for 12 years. Pre-debut could be extremely hard but I even struggled more when we first debuted. I didn’t see myself achieved my dream. I did become a singer but I didn’t know how and what I would have to do to survive.”

Hyeri also shared, “I was then very fortunate.I debuted fast but debuting so quick encounters much difficulties also. I learned a lot about my insufficiency and that was mentally stressful. I also felt like I was the head of the house and so that was hard. It didn’t struggle me that much which rather had positive effects. It became my motivation.”

MC Lee Young Ja asked, “When did you start feeling that way? Do you still think that up to now?” Hyeri shed tears and answered, “I think that will be always in my mind all my life. My mom worked at a factory for 15 years. I pity her.” She continued, “I feel like my mom spent her young days in a difficult situation because of me. My mom might be saddened if she hears this but I’m apologetic and also grateful.”

Fellow members also shed tears on reminiscing their experiences. Minah also revealed, “I wasn’t able to go home for 3 years during my training. Different things happened in my house during the 3 years. They knew I was working hard so they didn’t tell me anything. But (fortunately) I was able to give good news to them since then.”