GOT7’s Youngjae and BamBam shared their funny first meeting.

GOT7’s BamBam and Youngjae were the guests on the March 30e episode of ‘New Yang Nam Show’ and they shared their very funny story on their first encounter.

BamBam shared that he was actually about to shower so he’s only wearing his underwear when someone is trying to enter the dorm. So he assumed that it’s the other trainees and he wanted to surprise so he removed his underwear. But what happened was he was surprised as well as the other person at the door. It turns out, it’s Youngjae who is the latest JYP trainee.

BamBam shared that he was trying to put on his underwear but because of his shock, he just bowed while his hands in the air.

Youngjae also commented that he was super shocked and he didn’t know how he will really react.