‘Fabricated City,’ the new film of Ji Chang Wook where in V Live he commented personal thoughts about the movie.

Topping reservations for the box office, he says, “I hope that the positive comments will be continuing until the movie opens in theaters.

Ji Chang Wook plays as the character Kwon Yoo who then becomes an alone runaway after the time of being falsely accused of a crime he did’nt do. He revealed, “It’s a common act for me. One’s an actor finishes a role, it’s back to square one again. It’s instant. It looks lively now despite that the movie is about to premiere, but once all of it is over, I’m just a thypically unemployed man until the another project comes in.”

He shared his toughte about the main character, “My palms were sweaty during the screening. It was the first time I’ve sat in the theater to view a show with many live and present viewers.” When he was ones asked about his hopes and dreams for his life, he then answered, “I would like to live a happy life. It’s really not about all the money and I hope to use my money wisely.”

He also mentioned his ideal woman type, “Someone who is emotionally strong.”