“Aww..”, goes the fans as the Actor, Lee Jong Suk got alot of praise and was broadcasted with a story about how he saved a lost cat.

He was staying in Busan with the reason of filming for the movie ‘V.I.P.’ this past winter and suddenly he came across a cold and freezing cat and so he convinced the staff to look for who the owner is of the lost and pity cat. And so he ended up in Seoul again.

Lee Jong Suk is already an owner of two pet dogs but even though, he decided to keep it and ended up naming it Walnut. Soon, he found a nice home for Walnut even if he is picky in finding it a home according to the netizens.

On the other hand he ends up with a finished film for the movie, ‘V.I.P.’ and eventually will start filming for his new drama for SBS, ‘While You Were Sleeping’.

Wow, the cat is so lucky!