Japanese actress slash model Nana Komatsu, also G-Dragon’s rumoured girlfriend, is up for modelling for a Korean magazine named ‘Singles.’

‘Singles’ representative took a seat and sat down with Japanese actress for a photo shoot but not just it but also for an interview.

The Japanese actress recently worked with the Hollywood director Martin Scorsese before the magazine photo shoot and interview.

In the still cuts, revealed by the magazine, we can see how she shows off an edgy feeling with a spice of class.

While in the interview, she stated, “I am a bit overwhelmed on set in the start, not knowing much of the English language and working with staff members that are different in nationality. But, I was able to overcome the language barrier as I acted with the support of my co-star Ryo Kase.”

Nana commented while in the interview, “As an actress, it’s not really important for me to look pretty on cam. I want to be an actress that can express a certain emotion and charm under the supervision of the director.”