Singer/actor Seo In Guk, who just headed for his mandatory military enlistment this past March 28, greeted fans through a special VCR clip, titled ‘Seo In Guk’s One Day Before Enlistment’!

The video clip, originally revealed during his 2016 year-end concert ‘Mint Chocolate’, captures Seo In Guk riding on a car for a road trip as a gift to himself for one day. The filming of the entire clip was 100% Seo In Guk’s idea, and he participated in everything from planning, to scripting, props, and more.

You will be able to see Seo In Guk reveal his real side, him searching for healing(?) through his past song “Baby U”, as well as some heartfelt farewell message for all the fans. As he will be missed for a short while.

He’ll return from the military in December of 2018.