Super Junior’s Leeteuk uploaded a photo on his Instagram, then quickly deleted it at once, after causing a stir among netizens on March 26.

The photo reveals Leeteuk snapping a picture through a mirror in a restroom, pointing finger to another man standing in front of a men’s toilet as if going about his business. His hashtags captioned as “#Whoishe #ThebesttrainerinKorea #Trainer #She #Shhhh”, illustrating the sound made when people typically use the restroom.

Some netizens who had seen the post found the fact that the health trainer was standing in front of a toilet problematic. While some others thought that, “If it was just a set up or that was just for fun,so it’s not an issue then”, others said, “Even if it is a joke, the set up itself is going overboard”.

Despite having deleted the photo very quickly after initially uploading it, it great spread online, causing arguments and debates on the severity of such a photo as a joke.