Being in the showbusiness for a very young age and a very long time, you can say that you made it to the top. But being on top makes you feel afraid… afraid of everything.

During the “Off the Record” episode with Suzy and her friend, they decided to take a break so they can have time for chatting and have wonderful bonding.

Her friend asked her some questions and one of them was “If she had a bad feeling of entering showbusiness in a very young age”. She easily replied, she’s enjoying what she’s doing but there was a time that she unhappy.

She narrated, “At a very young age I became succcessful. I earned a lot of money and i can buy whatever i want. I am loved by everyone. But with all of these accomplishments i am sad and afraid. What will happen if people will not like me? So many questions on my mind.

That is the reason why she has so many reasons to be scared . So she just decided to read comments and think what makes her to be strong.