Singer Suzy spilled the beans about her on the 5th episode of ‘Off the Record, Suzy’.

Suzy enjoyed a chat and drink on the set of ‘Off the Record, Suzy’ with 4 of her closest friends.

The 5 of them played a game of ‘Truth or Drink’ and the very first question that Suzy was asked is all about her last kiss. Being unable to answer, she decided to take a shot of soju instead of telling the truth also because there is no other choice than to tell the truth or drink. Even though she took a shot, her friend continue to tease or convince her about atleast telling them about her first kiss. So, she replied that her very first kiss was during the filming of the show, ‘Dream High’. Bet even though she answerd, they still did not believe her.

The next question given to her was about her ideal male type. She answered thet her ideal type is a sexy male person like American actor Ian Somerhalder but nowadays, she likes guys like Choo Sung Hoon. A guy that can protect her that looked like he would appear on UFC.

At last, she was asked her weight. She replied that she is more or less, 47kg but this was my ptofile back at, ‘Good Girl, Bad Girl’. But do she really have to give them an update about her wieght gain and loss.