Timeless and Ageless beauty…that is how we described an actress in the US, Marilyn Monroe. Most of our actress here in Korea are deserving to be called classic, ageless and timeless beauty.

Singer/Actress Uhm Jung Hwa is one of the actresses that posseses a beautiful face. During her latest photoshoot that was exposed in the social media site “Instagram”, we can say that her looks can be lined up with Marilyn Monroe. But, Of course, no one can replace the beauty of Marilyn Monroe.

In her post, “Shooting for drama poster” was written by Uhm Jung Hwa. She was dressed by an amazing stylist Sukwon and made her a very gorgeous woman in her white, elegant dress just like the dress of the veteran actress Marilyn Monroe wore during her time.

Lately, the actress/singer was the highlight singer on ” Immortal Song 2″ in KBS.