Girl group Wassup will be returning this April as a 4-member group, after former members Nada, Jinju, and Da In filed a nullification with their contracts with Mafia Records.

Mafia Records commented about Wassup’s comeback, “We have decided to retain Wassup with its remaining 4 members, without adding in any new members. The comeback album will be a mini album.”

Wassup which debuted in 2013 as a 7-member group. However, the above 3 mentioned have their own individual ways, the group will still continue with Nari, Jiae, Woojoo, and Soojin. Their label said that the group will continue with their original, hop-hop style, and that their comeback will be a retro-hip-hop genre.

“Dominant Woman”, their pre-release single proves that Wassup will still remain true to their strong, hip-hop color, despite changes in the group.

Wassup’s full comeback with their new mini album will be on April 13.