There are several groups that have debuted these past few months. And here are some of what you should keep track on.

• Dream Catcher
This newly debuted Kpop girl group will surely make your eyes and ears go “BANG!” with their songs and visuals! Their debut concept will really make you go on checking them out over and over again!

This girl group is sure to have been climbing up to many “My Bias Group” lists to many Kpop fans! Due to them being called as “Pledis Girls” before and being promoted and having members such as Nayoung and KyulKyung from Produce 101, they really have a lot in store!

The ‘Most Valuable Player’s of the Kpop industry is here! “MANIFEST” is the title of their debut album and “Take It” is the title of their very first title track. They can be seen dancing into some intense dance routine in their MV!

Be sure to check them out!