Top 5 most viewed Kpop MVs as of April 2017


1. Gangnam Style (PSY) – 2,822,087,491 views

I guess the Gangnam Style really put a bang in the world having almost 3 billion views

2. Gentleman (PSY) – 1,061,090,015 views

Gentleman also got into the world’s groove! With those smooth glides and step, billion grooved and sang to it!

3. Oppa is Just My Style (PSY & Hyuna) – 683,681031 views

This track featuring Hyuna is more than half way to a billion milestone!

4. Fantastic Baby (BIGBANG) – 288,700,634 views

This never-getting-old jam is really never getting old! It is even near to 300 million views!

5. Daddy (PSY ft. CL) – 256,400,786 views

PSY is really a million to billion YouTube views man! This song was just released last year and PSY really don’t get old with his music style.