1. Not Today – BTS

2. Spring Day – BTS

BTS is really taking their career up a notch! Being nominated in the Billboards Music Award, competing with Hollywood artists and many more international things. No wonder BTS’ songs are one of the most listened Kpop songs.
3. Never Ever – GOT7

GOT7’s Flight Log: Arrival has been released and is ready to take over! Never Ever is the 3rd title track in their Flight Log album series. Make sure to check its coolness out!
4. Beautiful – MONSTA X


How can this not be one of the most listened? With its catchy lyrics and awesome dance with the throwing of the clothes, you would want to jam to it while doing so!
5. Really Really – WINNER

Really Really is one of the most catchy songs too! Catchy lyrics, catchy rhythm, catchy dance, catchy good looking members!