Fight My Way, a drama full of laughter, youth memories and romance that closely related to our life. Those who followed episode by episode will know that behind the laughter, there are the bittersweet moments which will move you to tears.

The script writers did a great job in expressing the real life situation into the actor’s lines. Below are the quotes that you will feel it closely related to you:

  • Without my dream, the earth still continues to spin and move – Go DongMan (starred by Park Seo Joon)

Go Dong Man used to be the rising star as a taekwondo player but he lost his passion and dream as he complied with result manipulation to earn money for his sister’s surgery. We can see the struggle within DongMan who gave up his dream and worked just for the sake of living.

Just like the drama, many of us gave up our dream and selected the reality. Are you the same like Go DongMan?

  • I earned money! – Choi Aera (starred by Kim Ji Won)

In episode 8, Aera went to an interview and the interviewer questioned here: “When they studied aboard, went to graduate school, even went overseas to join voluntary activities, at that moment, what are you doing? Passion is not everything, you need to prove it with your experience.” Aera replied confidently: “Others have the ability with family support to study aboard and did voluntary work, I earned money!

Have you experienced the same situation like Aera? Even you work hard, live diligently and spent extra effort but at the end, they will only see the content from the piece of paper (resume) not through what you have really gained.

  • I have the right to not get my feelings hurt – Choi Aera (starred by Kim Ji Won)

The real life is always cruel but Aera does not give in and continues to pursue what she wanted.