Variety show Journey to the West 4

Na Yeong Seok PD? The master behind most of the famous variety shows such as Three Meals A Day, Youths Over Flowers and Journey to the West, each and every guest who was invited to his variety show will be tricked and became a hilarious spoof scene. So what makes Na PD kneel down recently at the variety show?

In the latest episode of Journey West 4, the members with each character started their Vietnam journey and also introduce the new Zoombie game that restricts your upper body movement. With the restriction, the members need to spin around for 15 times and leave a mark on the spinning wheel that has different prices. The members can get the price if they successfully leave a mark on the spinning wheel. Na PD thought that no one will be able to complete the game but guess what? Song Minho did it by leaving a mark on the section that written Porche, Lamborghini and all the luxury sports cars.

Na PD suddenly became so humble and even kneel down and said: “I was just making a joke, so sorry, this is just for variety purpose and all of you understand right? These kids are weird.” Na PD moved on and said: “compare to money, dream is better, take the 3 dragon balls and pretend nothing had happened.” Of course, the members will not agree at the end Na PD gave 5 dragon balls to the members and finally ended this hilarious game.