Variety show ‘Infinite Challenge’ has accompanied the audience for 12 years but this year was reported that will be discontinued.

According to the TV insider, Infinite Challenge’s Kim Tae Ho PD hopes to have new formats for the program and will be creating Infinite Challenge Season.

Also, it was stated the new season will be completely different with new members and is unconfirmed whether the current member will remain. Right after the news revealed, citizens have voiced out their objection as Infinite Challenge is one of the oldest variety programs in Korea and had accompanied most of them for 12 years. Through the program, we can see their strong friendship within the members and they spread the positive vibe even though they are facing all the difficult challenges given.

BUT! Luckily it was just a rumour, MBC TV quickly responded: “We never discussed to have Infinite Challenge Season 2 and the news are completely unfounded.

In the next episode, the members seem like been tricked and went for military service training. They were supposed to go for a 3 Days 2 Nights Sightseeing Special Episode but who knows they ended at the military camp? With the average of 35 years old, are they able to overcome it? Stay tuned to the latest episode of Infinite Challenge.