Movie Battleship Island (also called as Gun Ham Do) starring by Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub, Lee Jung Hyun and Song Joong Ki will be aired in Korea cinemas on 26 July. All the top and experience actors are in the movie!!

Recently the main leads gather for ‘BAZAAR’ Magazine shooting and you can imagine the eye-pleasing photo shoot. There is one photo that captured our attention and we would like to share it with you:

BAZAAR Magazine

YES! The photo where Song Joong Ki laying on So Ji Sub chest. The position that makes every girl envy of and would like to replace Song Joong Ki’s spot ><

Many have started to suspect why Song Joong Ki is placed at the spot and asking shouldn’t he change position with the actress. The netizens are jealous of Song Joong Ki and they wanted to lie on So Ji Sub’s 6 packs abs as well.

So Ji Sub

Photo credit: CJ Entertainment, BAZAAR, Naver