The minions are back in town! Korea convenient store, GS25 recently released the Minions series which is just great to give it as souvenir. There is Minion packing instant noodles, jelly and cables.

The instant noodle is called Corn Cheese Ramen, isn’t it sounds delicious? Even the small fish cakes in the instant noodle cup has minion’s emoticon. Price: 1,500 won (around USD1.3).

Followed by the minion packing jelly, there are orange and banana flavours.

But what attracted us was the USB cable. There are cables for both iPhone and Android, so no worries that you are either of them. Also, there are different characters for you to choose such as STUART, Kevin and more.

So, do check out the convenient store whenever you visit Korea and worry free on what to buy for your friends as souvenirs.

Photo credit: IG@gs25_official, IG@a.chuuuuu