KAKAO Friends are the unique and colourful characters of the mobile messaging app, KakaoTalk. There are a total of eight KAKAO Friends which are Ryan, Muzi, Con, Apeach, Frodo, Neo, Tube and Jay-G.

Kakao Friends

Recently Korean citizens found something odd of the KAKAO Friends’ character, which is Apeach being isolated from her group of friends.Recently, Apeach released solo songs even released lots of cute emoticons, is that the reason why she is being isolated?

Kakao Friends: Apeach
Kakao Friends: Apeach

Here are the evidences on why that said so ><:

1st: When there’s a group photo, why we can’t see Apeach?

ps: She’s being blocked by others

2nd: When there’s special poster shooting, where is Apeach again?

3rd: When Muzi’s birthday, Apeach is not invited as well. TT’

Kakao Friends: Muzi’s Birthday

Are these the reasons why there are many crying emoticons of Apeach?

All these reasons are just for fun, don’t take it too serious.  Of course, all the characters are just too lovely to be isolated. We can just say Korean citizens are way too creative. xD