Running Man: Lee Kwang Soo & Jeon So Mi

When most of us are still missing the Monday Couple, Gary and Song Ji Hyo, seems like there is a new couple in Running Man? Guess who?

Running Man latest episode, which is the Unmatch Game and each member has their own mission. There are different amount for the activity and were placed at Seoul 7017 skygarden exit 1-8. The members need to choose which exit to go and collect the fee. If there is 2 person or 2 person and above arrive the exit at the same time, the fee will be divided equally. The same goes to food, if either of them selects the same food, then both of them can’t eat it.

Jeon So Mi is too tired and is resting quietly (ps: normally she’s so super noisy and non-stop talking), so Lee Kwang Soo approaches her and asks ‘You fall asleep right?’ and So Mi replied: “Nope, I am thinking what to choose”. She even hides behind the camera and said: “Now you can’t see me right?”

When Lee Kwang Soo and Jeon So Mi are having their sweet moment, Kim Joong Kook can’t stand it and said: “Both of you just stay together and I am going out, hope you guys had fun.” While walking out, he emphasises: “I am making a match for both of you, you know right?” But Lee Kwang Soo can’t seem to accept his kindness and said: “Every time is the same, at the end will be grabbed by you.”

Kwang Soo and So Mi’s lovely atmosphere is not ended, even other members can’t stand it and said “Are both of you in love mode? Are you guys serious?” Jeon So Mi replied: ” I don’t like this as well, Oppa, you don’t like this also right?”

Lee Kwang Soo and Jeon So Mi really brought a lot of laughter to the audience. Will they be the new couple in Running Man? We’ll know by then…