Although the new endorsement photos are really adorable but guess what? Fans said actually they like the photos while they applying the mask at the dorm.

Innisfree Volcanic Colour Clay Mask

Recently, Innisfree released a set of volcanic colour clay series masks and each mask has different colours for different usages. Depends on your face condition and use the right mask that ranging from moisturising replenishment, purifying dirt, improving skin condition, repairing, soothing the skin, brightening skin tone and enhancing skin vitality.

Wanna One recently had a photoshoot for the product and all of them are just too adorable. If you watched Produce 101, you will know that scene where the members used the masks at the dorm unlike the version from the photoshoot. But most of the fans voiced up and said: “Actually the photoshoot should follow how they did while filming Produce 101.” “I like the dorm version more.”

Photoshoot Version vs Dorm Version
Photoshoot Version vs Dorm Version

Which version do you prefer?

Also, Wanna One also asking for your opinion regarding the fans club name through SNS and the member will select the name which they preferred. If you’re interested, do leave down your opinion.