SBS broadcast station recently apologises to Gary, what’s happening?

SBS Animation team released Running Man animation teaser, this animation is based on the hit SBS variety show, Running Man. Each member will feature into each animal character such as grasshopper, tiger, giraffe and etc. The animation version of Running Man members will compete with each other in a championship event.

According to the insider, Running Man team and guest did not know that there will be animation version of Running Man until the teaser is out. Seems like the members have some rejection due to their portrait rights. Even Gary who left Running Man also voiced up his rejection towards this animation version.

The animation replied: “Firstly, we would like to apologise to the members for not informing them earlier and we also sincerely apologise to the rejection that voiced out by Gary. We did not know that this animation will affect the artist and we are sorry for not taking that into consideration.”

Running Man animation team further revealed that they will not use Running Man members in the animation voice over.