YG Entertainment released ONE’s outstanding handsome teaser image and this is YG first male solo artist in 14 years.

As his debut date is approaching, YG consecutively released ONE’s teaser photo and even media caption: “YG’s must-good looking singer”.

ONE’s teaser photos show his outstanding visual with the contrast of his innocent and rebellious image.

ONE was a member of 1PUNCH, a HIP HOP boy group and this will be his second debut. ONE then joined Mnet’s survival program ‘Show Me the Money 4’ and gained attention through his RAP and handsome look. He joined YG Family in 2015 and participate in Show Me the Money 5, ONE’s popularity grew further and received lots of attention since then.

ONE finally debut as a solo singer after joining YG for 2 years. Stay tuned to his debut song on 11 July!