Today, police received a call that someone has installed a bomb in KBS targeting on Apink and so they arrived and immediately evacuate the fans and singers who at the pre-recording of Music Bank. The fans are escorted away to an area away from the building.

KBS responded: “This morning at 10.30am, police received a call claiming that someone had installed a bomb at KBS to harm Apink. Right after the call, police came to KBS and immediately evacuate the singers and the fans at the venue. The police are investigating and the show will broadcast under a safe condition.”

Police also responded: “Still investigating, if there’s no real threat found we will conclude as scam call and continue to investigate the fake informant.”

Apink has received multiple death threat lately, the agency reveals that:”Police suspect that all these threats are from the same person. We will put the members’ safety as our priority, it’s very anxious, if the same case continued.

Fortunately, the situation has been cleared and today Music Bank pre-recording and live broadcast is held as usual.