Recently, a fan shared his amazing story which he met Park Bo Young on the street and even received the money transferred from the actress.  Here’s what happens:

The fans worked at a petrol station and just like the drama scene, a red car drove by the petrol station to pump oil but who knows the driver is waving and asking for help: “Ajjushi (Uncle), could you please help and stop for a while?” The fan walked closely and the driver was actress Park Bo Young. The reason why she’s asking for help is because she forgot to bring his bank card and so she asked the fan to lend her the petrol money. As a fan, he gave 23,000won as a present to Park Bo Young.

But, of course, Park Bo Young did not accept the present and return the money to the fans through bank transfer and also gave her signature to the fans who helped her.

The fans revealed that:”After the unexpected meet, I almost stare at the street for about 10 minutes and said she is definitely the smallest face that I ever saw.” (ps: what a cute and helpful fan)