On 30 June, AOA’s agency, FNC Entertainment officially announced that: “ChoA confirms to leave the group.”

Before FNC confirmed ChoA departures from the group, ChoA, herself actually posted on SNS about her departure. After 1 week, the agency finally confirmed the news.

The statement from FNC: “Hi everyone, this is FNC entertainment. The company will respect ChoA’s choice and her leave from AOA has been decided. The remaining members will continue to meet the fans through various individual activities. Hope everyone gives love and support. Thank You.”

ChoA departure is now confirmed and the next question that raised up by the fans was about AOA. Will AOA disband and even questions about ChoA’s dating rumour.

We wish ChoA and AOA all the best. As fans, we will continue to give support no matter is as anĀ individual or as a group.